Black Widow

Black Widow

venomous painful bite + First Aid Info


It is the female that has the famous shiny black bulbous body, with a bright red or orange hour glass shape on the abdomen. It is the iconic hour glass shape that makes this particular spider easy to identify.
Black widows are also different in the way of their webs. Black widows do not construct "beautiful" intricate webs like many other spiders. Instead their webs look like a tangled jumbled mess and irregular in shape.


Black widows are poisonous but do not always inject the venom with every bite, they save the precious venom for extreme threats.


Black widows are solitary, meaning they like being alone only socializing when mating. They prefer dark areas that won’t be disturbed such as a dark corner in a garage or closet, wood/rocks piles even shoes that have been setting untouched for a while.

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