Hobo Spider

Hobo Spider

painful bite + First Aid Info


Females can grow in excess of 14 mm in length, while males are rarely longer than 11 mm. Its brown legs are a solid color, show no markings or rings and are smooth looking. They have a herringbone pattern on the top side of their abdomens.
Males have larger appendage that are often referred to as “boxing gloves”. These are not fangs, but are merely the hobo spider’s reproductive organs.


Hobo spiders are thought to have necrotic venom, similar to the brown recluse spider, however, there is currently no solid scientific evidence suggesting that the venom of this species is of medical importance. Hobo spiders are labeled as aggressive but they usually are not, UNLESS it feels threatened. Hobo spiders are extremely protective of their egg sacs and will bite if they sense a threat to their young.


Similar to other spiders, Hobo spiders weave webs in the shape of funnels and it’s usually waiting inside to catch prey.

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