Bed Bug and Your Health

Bed bugs and Your Health

Bed bugs and their bites can affect people differently.  Some people may not get the “classic sign” of red itchy bumps after being bitten and for those people it may take longer to notice the bed bugs, giving more time for the infestation to grow. Some people may experience a more negative effect, such as an allergic reaction to the bites. An allergic reaction may have more intense itching and the area may swell into hives. While bed bugs have been found to carry more than 20 types of diseases including, viruses, bacteria and worms, they are NOT known to transmit any diseases.

Bed bugs have come a long way and over the years, they have developed an immunity to many pesticides making them impossible to eliminate with over the counter/store bought products. If you find yourself dealing with a bed bug infestation whether it be in your home or in a place of business, its best to call a bed bug professional as soon as possible.   The longer you wait, the more time the infestation has to grow and could end up costing you not just time but more money as well.  They are new treatments for bed bugs available aside from traditional spray applications.  Heat treatment is by far the most effective treatment, since they high heat temperatures are fatal to bed bugs in any stage of their life cycle, including eggs.