12 Tips from Alpha Home Pest Control to Keep Pests Away During the Summer

Summertime means fun in the sun, picnics, barbecues, and family vacations. However, pests can ruin these special events, damaging your home, office, lawn, garden, outbuildings, decks, and more. They also spread diseases that endanger the health and well-being of your family or pets. Of some comfort, however, is the fact that most household pests don’t […]

Should You Still Get Pest Services In The Winter?

As you’ve probably heard over the years, pest control in the winter is just a waste and not really worth it because pests will just, “go away” right? Well the truth of the matter is, getting winter pest services are just as important as any other time of the year, if not more valuable we’d […]


In Idaho one of the most common lawn pests is the Bluegrass Billbug; these pests can cause some serious damage to your lawn if not taken care of properly. Alpha Home Pest Control can help make a proper diagnosis. Damages from billbugs can resemble drought/lack of watering, with irregular patches of dry grass. Some people […]

Keep Mosquito Population Under Control

Keep Mosquito Population Under Control Nothing ruins summer outdoor fun like be being eaten by blood thirsty mosquito’s.  Not only do these annoying pests cause irritating painful bites; but they can transmit diseases to humans and cause problems for pets as well.  Don’t just move the party indoors and let the mosquito’s win. There are […]

Black Bugs with the Red Marks on their Backs

Do you have Box Elder Bugs hanging around your porch and windows? It’s never fun when you notice you have bugs in your home.  A few here and there usually isn’t a big deal right? Not so much when it comes to the Box Elder Bug. A black bug with red marks on their backs.  […]

Mud Dauber Wasp

Mud Dauber Mud Nest Wasp Mud dauber is a common name for wasps that make their nests with mud. There are many different species of wasps referred to as mud dauber’s; some other common names are dirt daubers, organ-pipe wasps, mud wasps and potter wasps. Appearance Although their appearance varies, mud daubers generally are from […]

Commercial Building Pest Control

Alpha Home Pest Control understands how quickly a business can come to a stop when there are unwanted pests invading your work space. Pests do not discriminate and can quickly invade a structure if they please.  Leading to an infestation that could harm your professional reputation. Commercial Pest Control is a must for any business. […]


Ticks Most people know that ticks can be dangerous to humans and animals such as the family pet.  Ticks can carry and transmit Lyme disease and other diseases as well.  But what can you do?  You can be educated about what to be aware of and what you can do to help prevent ticks from getting under […]

Paper Wasps

Paper Wasp Where does the name come from? The paper wasp gets its name due to the construction of their nests. Paper wasp nests are made with their saliva and combined with plant material and really do look as if to be made from paper. Their nests include numerous compartments, within which wasps lay their […]