Acrobat Ant

Acrobat Ant

aggressive low risk venomous + First Aid Info

Latin Name:



Light brown to black, sometimes multicolored distinctive heart-shaped gaster (abdomen)


Acrobat ants hunt both large and small prey. When it is time to hunt, foragers will typically recruit nearby ants to assist them. The ants can mark and detect their prey by specific contact. When they make contact, they immediately attack, sometimes releasing a small amount of venom with a sting.


Outside, most species of acrobat ants nest under rocks or in logs, firewood and trees where wood decay allows them to create tunnels. They also build their nests in abandoned cavities carved out by other insects like termites and carpenter ants. The workers often find a way inside homes by trailing along tree limbs and utility lines, and entering through cracks or holes around window frames, soffits, door thresholds, and other vulnerable spots. Once inside, acrobat ants typically nest in wall voids or wood that has been subjected to high moisture and fungal decay - the same conditions favored by carpenter ants. They have also been known to nest in Styrofoam insulation panels behind siding.

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