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When dealing with a cockroach infestation, detecting it as early as possible is critical to winning a major war against these unsightly home invaders.

The longer the length of time a cockroach population has to live and breed in your home the more difficult it becomes to remove them. The sooner a pest control specialist can assess the problem and begin treating it, the sooner you can recover your home or business. Use Alpha Home Pest Controls signs below to spot cockroaches as a quick check to see if you need to call a specialist. If you're ever uncertain about a pest problem we provide free inspections and estimates. 

  1. ACTUALLY SEEING A COCKROACH. This is an obvious sign that your home or business is affected by a cockroach problem. These insects are best spotted at night because they are nocturnal. You will typically see them scatter upon turning a light on or entering the room. If you see a cockroach in the home, contact a specialist immediately. 
  2. FINDING COCKROACH FECES/DROPPINGS. If you find cockroach feces in the home you can be certain you have a problem. Feces may resemble tiny pepper specks or coffee grounds. The more roach droppings you find, the more roaches you have on your hands. Make a note of where the droppings are discovered, as these will be critical places to target once care starts.
  3. SMELLING A STRONG ODOR. Roaches emit a pungent, musty odor that grows stronger the longer they are present. This pungent oily odor can come from a large number of roaches, but it can also come from a single cockroach. Dead cockroaches can also give off an odor as they decompose, as they emit oleic acid, which can be quite pungent.

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