Tiny Red Bugs aka Clover Mites

The Tiny Red Bugs in Your Windows are Probably Clover Mites

If you’ve ever noticed tiny red bugs crawling in or around your window chances are they are Clover Mites. Clover Mites are a close relative to ticks and spiders but they are true mites, not insects. To the naked eye they are no more than tiny red bugs and appear no larger than a pinhead.
Clover mite adults have an oval shape body, eight legs, and are red to reddish-brown in color. The front pair of legs are very long compared to the other six legs and may be confused for the mite’s antennae. They mostly feed on clover, grassy lawns, plants and weeds and seem to appear by the thousands in the spring and fall.
These tiny red bugs will crawl up the side of the structure from the ground to invade your home. They get in through cracks and tiny openings around windows and doors. Inside, you may find them crawling around window sills, walls, curtains, drapes, furniture or directly on windows.
The tiny red bugs will leave behind a tell-tale stain when smashed. When clover mites are smashed they leave a red stain. The stain is not blood, but is the mite’s body pigment.
On the exterior, you may find thousands of tiny red bugs in large numbers on siding, brick walls, under loose bark of trees, foundation walls, around window frames and other outside surfaces. Clover mites can be found throughout the house, but they are frequently found on the sunniest side of the house or foundation, commonly the south side due to the warmth.

Do Clover Mites Bite Or Are They Harmful?

Clover mites are not dangerous. They do not bite and are not harmful to humans or pets. Also these tiny red bugs do not cause structural damages like termites.
They are simply nuisance pests and they can be hard to eradicate. They are difficult due to their size; they invade homes in great numbers and are so tiny they can get through even the smallest opening.
If you have the tiny red bugs invading your windows and home, give us a call for a free inspection and we’ll discuss efficient Control and Preventative measures. Learn more about clover mite removal here.

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