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Commercial Building Pest Control

Alpha Home Pest Control understands how quickly a business can come to a stop when there are unwanted pests invading your work space. Pests do not discriminate and can quickly invade a structure if they please.  Leading to an infestation that could harm your professional reputation. Commercial Pest Control is a must for any business. […]

Spring Pest Checklist

Spring Pest Checklist As pest professionals, were here to remind you about early spring cleaning tips and to get a jump start on the “spring” cleaning around the home.  It’s safe to say we have definitely had a mild winter and some great temperatures the last few weeks.  With it being so warm out, this […]


Bats are amazing creatures and they definitely have an important impact on insect control and pollination around the world. Here are a few interesting facts about bats and pollination: Bats help with the pollination of many types of fruit from around the world, including bananas, mango and peaches to name a few Researchers believe that […]

Mosquito Control

When you own a home, you want to do everything that you possibly can to keep the pests away. During different times of the year, it is easier to target certain pests so that you can keep your house and the nearby surroundings free of unwanted visitors. Effectively administering mosquito control in Boise Idaho and […]