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Keep Pests Out

At Alpha Home Pest Control we encourage our clients to be proactive, using proper exclusion tactics and making their homes “unattractive” to the pests, helping keep pests out. Here are some common Q and A’s for homeowners to help understand why being proactive is important. Q: What attracts pests to your home? A: If you […]

Local Businesses

In recent years there has been a movement. People are realizing that it’s not all about big box stores, national companies and brands. More and more people are ditching the big names and opting to support their smaller local  businesses. When it comes to business bigger is not always better. When you support local it’s […]


Bats are amazing creatures and they definitely have an important impact on insect control and pollination around the world. Here are a few interesting facts about bats and pollination: Bats help with the pollination of many types of fruit from around the world, including bananas, mango and peaches to name a few Researchers believe that […]