Staying Pest Free During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again, busy holidays and a new year about to begin. The holidays can be a hectic time with friends and family coming and going for visits, it’s easy to get distracted from the little things that help keep your home tidy and pest free. Here at Alpha Home Pest Control we understand and are ready to help you take action. You don’t want to wait until spring time to tackle an issue, being aware and proactive plays a key role to staying pest free.
Check out our holiday tip’s to keep those unwanted guests out!

  • It may sound obvious, but check for pieces of food/crumbs that the vacuum couldn’t reach (under and behind the stove and fridge), that may have gone unnoticed during those busy family visits. Be sure to check under cabinets, tables, sofas and other furniture as well.
  • Check out spare rooms that may not normally be used as much, look for the crumbs, rodent droppings and chewed paper.  Spare rooms that aren’t used often can easily become a sanctuary for rodents and spiders, they like hiding spots that won’t be disturbed so be sure to routinely check and clean spare rooms.
  • Always clean up crumbs and food leftovers right away, leaving no invitation to attract pests
  • With holidays comes food and baking sweet treats. Don’t leave food sitting out overnight; be sure to keep it stored properly in sealed containers. *This tip also applies to pet food!*
  • Check around doors and windows for gaps. Caulk and seal where needed and be sure to check weather stripping and screens for tears.
  • Check your crawlspace for rodent activity, look for rodent droppings, chewed wires, papers and any area the rodent may use for nesting. Inspect foundation vents, make sure they have a tight fit and screens free of rips and tears.
  • If you did any traveling check your luggage and clothes for possible bed bugs.  It’s more common than you’d like to believe how common it is to pick up bedbugs while traveling.  Bedbugs love to travel and are always ready to hitch a free ride. No one wants to think about it but it’s a lot better to catch it before it becomes an infestation.
  • And lastly, Stay Proactive!

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