Keeping Pests Out

Keeping Pests Out

At Alpha Home Pest Control we encourage our clients to be proactive, using proper exclusion tactics and making their homes “unattractive” to the pests, helping keep pests out.

Here are some common Q and A’s for homeowners to help understand why being proactive is important.

What attracts pests to your home?

If you think about it, like most living things pests are attracted to and need food, water and shelter. Making sure you have followed good exclusion techniques and sealing up/off food and water will help keep pests at bay. Interior Tips, using air tight containers to store food (including extra pet food) and repairing leaky pipes and drains will make your home less attractive and the pests will be less likely to stay. Exterior tips, keep your lawn maintained and free of clutter.  Don’t leave piles of leaf and lawn clippings in the yard, trim over grown bushes and plants, do not allow them to touch the home.

How do pests find their way in?

Pests commonly find their way into homes through windows and doors that do not have a tight seal when closed and through cracks that may be around the window or doors. They don’t always crawl or fly in, sometimes they are carried in by you or even your pet! Groceries, firewood, and luggage are ways that pests can be carried into the home unseen. Be sure to inspect any packages and belongings before bringing them inside.  Foundation vents are important to check as well. Inspect the screen for any holes or being loose, correct any problems right away.  Broken foundation vents are a welcome mat for mice, other insects and even cats!
Store firewood away from your house.  Firewood attracts many pests’ spiders, ants, and termites to name a few.  Termites can cause a lot of damage and can be a very costly expense.  Another tip to follow is having about a 2 in. gap between your foundation and plants and grass.  Allowing bushes and shrubs to grow so closely to your home creates a stepping stone for pests and critters that may want inside.

What to do if you have an infestation or starting to see more pest activity?

If you find yourself having pests issues and are unsure of how to properly handle the problem; call your local pest management right away before the issue multiplies. Waiting too long can slow down the elimination process and be more costly.

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