If you think you have cockroaches sneaking around your home, office or business detecting them as early as possible is critical to winning a major war against these nasty home invaders. The longer they are there the more time they have to get established, get comfy and multiply, which makes them harder to get rid of and often times more expensive. The faster a pest management professional can evaluate and begin attacking the problem the faster you can take back and reclaim your home.
Alpha’s top signs of cockroaches:

  • ACTUALLY SEEING A COCKROACH. This of course is the most obvious sign you have a roach problem. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects, so the best time to spot them is during the night. You can typically see them scatter after entering a room and turning on the light. If you spot cockroaches during the daytime, this can mean the infestation as been going on for quite a while. Contact a professional pest management company immediately.


  • FINDING COCKROACH FECES/DROPPINGS. Finding their feces is a sure sign you have a problem. The size of the feces depends on what type of cockroach you’re dealing with (the German cockroach is one of the most common). Feces can look like small specks of pepper or coffee grounds. The more droppings you discover the higher the number of roaches you are dealing with. Be sure to take note of where the droppings are found as they will be important areas to target when treatment begins.
  • FINDING EGG CASES. Roaches produce egg casings called oothecae. Oothecae are oblong, brown casings that hold many eggs. The German cockroach as mentioned before can produce an oothecae with up to 50 eggs inside. After the eggs hatch the oothecae is left behind, leaving firm evidence of an infestation. Look for oothecae behind furniture, inside pantries, in books, between cracks in the wall and other tight protected areas.
  •  Roaches can produce a strong, musty odor that gets stronger the longer they are there. This pungent oily smell can come from a large amount of roaches but just one German cockroach can create this smell on its own. You can also get an odor from dead cockroaches decomposing, as they produce oleic acid while decomposing, which can get quite strong.

If you think you may have roaches and have come across any of these signs on the list call your local pest management professional asap.
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