Avoiding Rodents this Winter

Avoiding Rodents this Winter
Rodents can pose a major threat to both; property and human health. Not only do they eat a variety of foods that you may have stored in your pantry, but they can also contaminate it. This can result in serious illnesses.  They can also cause significant damage to buildings by chewing on everything from insulation to wallboard.
The best thing you can do to avoid rodents in your home is continually being proactive and following proper prevention techniques. Some of it may seem like common sense as part of it is keeping up on day to day cleaning (especially in the kitchen) but some of it will require a little work of investing and knowing your property and home.

In order to effectively keep rodents out of your property, follow the tips below.

  • Eliminate All Food and Water Sources.

The first thing that you should do is be sure that you eliminate any source of food or water from your home. You can do this by keeping items that are stored in the garage in secure air-tight containers. You should also remove fallen fruits and/or nuts from your yard if you have any. Be sure to remove all of the pet food that you have in your house right after feeding, do not leave it outside at night. This will only attract rodents. Repair any plumbing leaks before they cause more problems as rodents can use this to get water. Another thing to check for is excess gaps around pipes or cables entering into the side of your home.

  • Eliminate Hiding And Living Places For Rodents.

Eliminate potential hiding and living places for the rodents. Old/non-running vehicles can serve as a great shelter for rodent pests. The interior of the vehicle such as floor carpet and seats can be chewed and used for building nests.  The same goes for furniture kept outside.  Only store lumber/fire wood off of the ground and at least 20 feet away from your home. Remove unused piles of wood and other materials that rodents could use to form a nest.  Be sure to do a thorough fall yard clean up.  Remove leaf litter and do not leave piles of leaves as they can provide protection from rodents such as Voles.
If you make these tips part of your routine you will greatly reduce your chances rodents finding their way into your home.

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