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When and How to Hire a Pest Professional

When and how hire a Pest Professional can be tough for some people.  There are many people that prefer to tackle the pest problem themselves and actually enjoy trying DIY solutions. Finding unwanted pests in your home is never a fun experience and sometimes you may need to rely on a professional pest control company […]

Pantry Pests

It’s that time of year again!  Time for spring cleaning which should include going through your pantry and cupboards tossing out the expired and forgotten food! Cleaning the pantry may not be a glamorous task, but it could save you the headache of a pest infestation starting in your pantry. Pantry pests can be a […]

What is IPM?

What is IPM? When working in the professional pest control industry we are handling many different types of products and chemicals.  Knowledge and caution is important when using these types of products. Safety of humans, animals, the structure to be treated, type of pest and environment all need to be taken in to consideration. That […]

Why are Bed Bugs such a Feared Pest?

Bed bugs are at the top of the list for most feared pests and experiencing a bed bug infestation in your own home can take its toll on any family.  If you think about it, bed bugs are like a physiological pest, they can take over your home as well as your mind Over the […]