Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are wasps that can be identified by their black and yellow body segments and small size. Often they are mistaken for bees and their bodies don’t have as much hair, and rounded abdomen. Yellow jackets are social and live in colonies that may have thousands of insects at a time.

Most people think that yellow jackets are just a nuisance pest but they can actually be beneficial. Yellow jackets eat flies, beetle grubs and other harmful insects. However, they are also known to eat meat, and sugary substances. In summer time they can sometimes be seen buzzing around garbage cans or flying around your soda can at a picnic.

Many yellow jackets are ground nesters and can be found at the base of trees, along railroad ties, bottom of fences, or cracks in the sidewalk. These spots are great for nesting until the lawn mower comes out and then everyone is surprised! Yellow jackets are known to be aggressive when it comes to their colonies, but otherwise are not quick to sting. But if they feel threaten enough, yellow jackets have a painful sting and are capable of stinging multiple times and just like bees, their stings may induce severe allergic reactions in some people.

If you find your self having problems with yellow jackets that you just can seem to get rid of, call your local pest management company. Professional pest control companies will perform a thorough inspection of your property and design a plan that will work best for your situation. The products professional companies use are different from the kind you can by at your local store. Most of the store products will only work if it has a direct contact with the yellow jacket, professional products can be sprayed just about anywhere and have a long residual, typically about 90 days. The residual will help deter the yellow jackets from coming back and starting a nest in the same spot.

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