Tips To Secure Your Home From Pests


At Alpha, we see it almost on a daily basis, pests and rodents finding their way into homes and buildings through entry points that shouldn’t be available.  Most common are cracks and gaps in doors, resulted from weather stripping issues or door not closings properly. Foundation vents completely open, with ripped screens or no screens at all which is like setting out a welcome mat for rodents and even cats.  Follow Alpha’s tips to secure your home from pests.

  • Keep up on yard maintenance, mowing regularly, raking up the yard.
    • Getting rid of leaves, old mulch, and picking up fallen tree limbs
    • Trim back bushes and trees away from the house.


  • Insects and rodents can get through some of the smallest of holes.
    • Check the outside of your home for holes and/or cracks and make sure all window screens fit properly and are in good condition.
    • Inspect foundation vents-ensure that have proper fitting screens, free from rips and tears


  • Check for any standing water around your property and remove it to help reduce mosquito’s
    • Inspect flower pots, yard decor, children’s outside toys (swing sets, slides, trampolines, sand boxes etc)
    • Keep rain gutters clean and free of debris


  • If you have a dog, keep up on dog poop duties
    • It would be ideal to pick it up as soon as it hits the ground, but even picking it all up once a day would help reduce flies and keep your yard clean


  • Trashcans can attract all types of pests such as ants, bees, wasps, mice, even stray cats
    • TIP: On the day that your trash has been picked up, use the hose and spray inside of the trashcan, rinse it a few times, leave the lid open and let it dry in the sunshine


Alpha Home Pest Control encourages you to be proactive against unwanted pests. If you feel you need help preparing your home for spring or think you may already have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to call us! 208-475-4440