Pill Bugs aka Roly Polys

Pill bugs are commonly referred to as “roly polys”  because of the way they roll into a ball when they are disturbed.  Roly Polys must live in areas with high moisture, and usually remain hidden under objects during the day time. Outside around structures they are commonly found hiding in/under mulch, rocks, boards, flowerpots, and other items resting on damp ground. Pill bugs also enjoy hiding in grassy areas where grass and sidewalk meet. Pill bugs may leave their moist habitat during the night, and crawl about over sidewalks, and patios. Roly polys may find their way into your home through thresholds that aren’t up to par, but typically, if a roly poly does make its way into your home, they will dry out and die after just a few days. If you have excess moisture inside your home that will help them survive and encourage them to stay.

Tips for reducing pill bugs:

There are ways you can help control roly polys around your home if they are becoming a nuisance.

  • Minimize moisture (especially around the foundation), for example: water the lawn in the morning so it will have time to dry during the day. Don’t allow water to accumulate near the foundation or get into the crawl space.
  • Clean up and remove debris, such as dead leafs and lawn clippings. They feed on dead plant material.
  • Check entry points, be sure to seal cracks and make sure all doors have a tight sure seal when shut.
  • Check and repair any leaking faucets inside the home and outside, AC units and water pipes

Remember that pill bugs need moisture to survive, if you reduce the moisture around the home you will reduce their numbers. You can always call a pest professional to help you in your battle against unwanted pests.

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