Pest Free Memorial Day

Whether you’re off to the mountains for some camping or having big barbecue in the backyard with family and friends, Alpha wants to help you keep a pest free Memorial day.

Pest Free Camping

  • Campground– set up your camp site away from standing water and heavy vegetation if possible.
  • Tent– check your tents netting for holes and functioning zippers to prevent insects from getting inside. Also, do not store food inside your tent
  • Bug Spray– use an insect repellent that contains DEET, especially during dawn and dusk hours when insects are most active. Keep perfumes and scented lotions at home, as they may attract mosquito’s and other insects
  • Food Storage– make sure the cooler has plenty of ice to prevent food from spoiling. Store other foods in air-tight containers
  • Clothing– hats, long sleeves and pants can help keep you protected from mosquito’s and ticks

Backyard Entertaining

  • Lawn– Keep your lawn as dry as possible the day before the get together, this can help reduce insects. Make sure the grass is trimmed fairly short, as long grass can be attractive to insects
  • Yard Clutter– Remove yard clutter that may collect and hold standing water, and other items that would attract rodents, spiders and wasps.
  • Food– keep food safe indoors until it’s time to eat, using containers with lids will be helpful
  • Lighting– Exterior lighting and light that illuminates from your home may attract insects. Consider replacing your outside bulbs with yellow, insect-resistant bulbs
  • Comfort– create a nice cool breeze with fans where you guests will be gathering, and offer shade with canopy’s.  Have a bottle of insect repellent handy for guests if your party will continue outdoors after dusk.
  • Trash– Keep the trash bin away from the entertaining area and keep the lid tightly closed. Place
  • Clean-up– Don’t leave food sitting out. Put away food after everyone is done eating and pick up any paper plates, cans, bottles and crumbs.

Alpha wishes you a safe a fun Memorial weekend!