Local Businesses


In recent years there has been a movement. People are realizing that it’s not all about big box stores, national companies and brands. More and more people are ditching the big names and opting to support their smaller local  businesses. When it comes to business bigger is not always better.

When you support local it’s not just giving your money to a small business and that’s the end, there are multiply benefits. Local business owners are more inclined to support other local companies, on both a business and personal reasons. If you think about the big box stores and chain businesses, they tend to get supplies from corporate and their employees may be as personally invested in supporting locally.

Actually knowing the people behind the business where you’re buying products from or are receiving a service from takes on a different feel. You get to know these people by name, they get to know you. They will recognize products you buy and services that are needed by the community. The community is wanting a business to succeed and feeling proud when they do. The whole community celebrates a favorite business and you grieve if they are forced to close their doors.

Often times, you will notice that you will receive better customer service from smaller “mom and pop” shops. If you have ever had to call a number that starts with 1 800 you know the frustration it can entail, being put on hold, only to be transferred multiple times and to be put back on hold again, with your question still not fully answered. Generally with local companies you will be speaking to someone who has a great understanding of business and will be able to resolve any concerns you have.


Buying from and supporting local business has many benefits. We encourage you to explore your community, you may find wonderful new businesses opportunities with great customer service.