Is it Bill-Bugs or Just Dry Grass?

If you are noticing your lawn starting to get odd dry patches, it’s a good idea find the source of the problem, it may just need more water or it could be bill-bugs.  There is an easy test you can try often referred to as the “Tug Test” to see if you have a bill bug infestation:

  • Find a spot where the dry grass meets green grass, hold the dry grass with your hand and gently tug on the dry grass
  • If the grass easily lifts up with no attached roots, and has a saw dust like material at the base of the blades and stems, bill-bugs are likely the cause.
  • You may also see the white larvae with their brown heads in the soil on the ground or on the piece of lawn you pulled up.

May-June is the time these pesky bill-bugs will start showing off the damage they have done, but don’t worry you still have time to correct the problem with a proper treatment plan.  The longer you wait, the more time they have to create lawn damage.  If you are noticing dry patches in the lawn that aren’t corrected with extra watering, follow the “tug test” and give us a call!