Elm Seed Bug

In recent years the Elm Seed Bug has made itself known here in Idaho. It wasn’t until 2012 when the elm seed bug really started invading homes in very large numbers. Common in central and southern Europe, it is unclear how exactly these bugs made their way to Idaho. They are black to reddish brown and have a unique triangle shape on their back.

Elm seed bugs can live a long time, typically 3 to 5 years which can be a problem when you’re battling against them. They will have to migrate away from the cold and extremely hot temperatures, which means winter and summer is when they well be seeking shelter. It will usually start with them gathering on the structure, looking for cracks and crevices to hind in. They can be found around gutters, windows, door frames, under siding and it will only be a matter of time before they make their way into the structure.

The elm seed bug is similar to the stink bug in that will release a unpleasant sent to mark territory. If a few of the elm seed bugs have decided your home is great for a nesting site they will likely release this scent and it may potentially attract other elm seed bugs in the area. They may also release the unpleasant sent if being handled and feels threatened and when it is smashed. If you are finding elm seed bugs in your home, it is not recommended to smash them, the vacuum will be your best tool to use indoors. Remember that to change the bag or empty the vacuum as they may be able to climb out through the hose.

The elm seed bug really is just a nuisance pest, an annoyance. They don’t appear to pose a threat to humans, pets, plants or crops, but their unpleasant smell is obnoxious to most.

Elm seed bugs can be tough to eliminate once they have had time to get established. If you think of have an infestation of elm seed bugs call your pest management right away for proper identification and to set up a treatment plan.