Crane Fly

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, actually it’s a crane fly. Other common names for this beastly insect are mosquito eater, skeeter eater, gallinippers, gollywhoppers.

Crane Flies grow up to two and a half inches long and have a wingspan of three inches. They are generally a gray-brown color with slender bodies, and have thin long legs. There are many different species of crane flies and it can be nearly impossible to tell them apart for the average person. Something they all have in common is that they all live near the water. The crane fly larvae need the water to survive and thrive to become adults. Crane Fly larvae are worm like and gray-brown in color.  They can be anywhere from 1/2 inch to three inches in length.

Skeeter eaters do look like giant mosquitos but don’t be fooled by them. Crane flies are harmless, they do not suck your blood and they do not even bite! The truth is, adult crane flies live long enough to mate, lay eggs and die.