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Wolf Spider– Wolf Spiders can grow up to 35mm in body length and their bodies are commonly patterned in black, gray and brown hues.  Wolf spiders are swift moving especially when attacking prey. Wolf spiders do not spin webs, instead they have burrows.  The burrows may have an open entry or they may have soft silken doors.

Hobo Spider– Similar to other spiders, Hobo spiders weave webs in the shape of funnels and it’s usually waiting inside to catch prey. Females can grow in excess of 14 mm in length, while males are rarely longer than 11 mm. Its brown legs are a solid color, show no markings or rings and are smooth looking. They have a herringbone pattern on the top side of their abdomens. The males have larger appendage that are often referred to as “boxing gloves”. These are not fangs, but are merely the hobo spider’s reproductive organs.

Black Widow– When you hear the words “black widow” the image that comes to most minds is actually the female black widow. It is the female that has the famous shiny black bulbous body, with a bright red or orange hour glass shape on the abdomen. It is the iconic hour glass shape that makes this particular spider easy to identify. Black widows are also different in the way of their webs. Black widows do not construct “beautiful” intricate webs like many other spiders. Instead their webs look like a tangled jumbled mess and irregular in shape.