Bird Exclusion

Bird Exclusion

When most people think of pests, they think of rodents, various insects or wood destroying pests such as termites, things like that. But did you know that birds can be a destructive pest as well? Bird control and bird exclusion tactics have become important when dealing with persistent pesky birds.

At first you may think that it’s cool to have a bird nest so close to your home. Which of course it is a neat thing to be able to witness daily to see the habit’s and activity of the cute bird, but you may soon realize that having them so close really isn’t such a good thing.

On the pest control side of things we have seen many times how bird related issues can cause a number of problems for business such as damages to the building’s exterior or product contamination.  Bird droppings are not only unsightly but can cause unsanitary conditions and ruin the finishes of buildings. Bird droppings aren’t always the easiest to clean up either, depending on where they are located and how bad it is, you may need to call in a heavy duty cleaning team to properly clean the affected area. Some birds carry diseases that could be transmitted to humans and are considered a public health risk.  If you have birds nesting on buildings or on your home, you run a risk of your home being infested with bird mites. Bird mites are like lice for birds.  The bird mites are typically found near the nesting area of birds such as pigeons, starlings and sparrows. Bird mites will be another whole pest issue that will need a pest professional to eradicate

Some common bird exclusion tactics including installing exclusion devices such as heavy duty and properly installed screens on vents of the home.  This will keep the bird from gaining access into your attic area.  If you are having issues with bird nests a product such as bird spikes may be installed to deter the birds from landing in that area.  The bird spikes can be made of stainless steel or plastic.  And do not fret, bird spikes do not harm the bird, they are a humane way to deter the bird from landing or being able to nest in that area.

Alpha Home Pest Control offers Bird Exclusion services, if birds become a problem to your home or business give us a call.  We will tailor a bird exclusion treatment plan that will resolve your problem quickly.