Ants can be a major problem anywhere. Whether it’s a ground floor apartment, a country home, or even a house in the city, ants have a way of invading a home in force. While an exterminator may end up being necessary, most of the time a few basic ant traps and some smart prevention measures can help.

Ants tend to show up in two rooms in particular: the kitchen and the bathroom. The water from the bathroom attracts them, and explains why they’re drawn to that room. Ant traps by the corners of the walls or any obvious cracks can help take care of that. It also helps to dry up any loose water after a shower or bath with a spare towel to sop up the water that might be getting their attention.  Another thing to consider is crumbs.  Most people probably wouldn’t think that they would find food crumbs in the bathroom, but if you have small children or pets, you’d be surprised what gets tracked around.

The kitchen is the main room where infestations often appear. It’s critical to keep food out only when you’re preparing it, and to wipe down and clean up as often as possible. This includes the oven, counter spaces, and sweeping and mopping. It can be a good idea to have an ant trap by the garbage, as well as hard to reach spots around appliances or other areas they might be sneaking in from.  If you keep your garbage can inside the pantry or under the sink, be sure to sweep and mop that floor weekly and take time to rinse out the inside of the garbage can.

If you are still seeing ants in your home it may be time to call a professional.  It is possible that the ants have started a nests somewhere within the walls of the home or in the crawlspace.  Alpha Home pest control is happy to assist you with any type of pest problem.