Alpha Home Pest Control

Alpha Home Pest Control is proud to service all over the Treasure Valley, and into Oregon.  We have been working hard to expand our brand to residential and commercial pest control,  to earn trust, loyalty and respect from our customers.  We take pride in making sure our customers receive the best service possible with high quality first class customer service. 

Our mission is to exceed your expectations of what it means to receive excellent pest control services.  Our pest control technician specialists take the time to speak with you and listen to your concerns which in turn, builds relationships.  When we come to your house for services you will soon know your technician by name.  Another excellent thing to take note on about our technician specialists is their knowledge and understanding of every product we use.  If you have any questions at all, our technicians will be able to confidently explain the product and address any concerns.  Our pest control service isn’t just about getting rid of the pest, we also aim to keep your family safe while working on your property.  Technicians will maintain a clean work space at all times to ensure safety and less disruption to your household.

So what can you expect from a typical Alpha Home Pest Control Service?

The Alpha Home Pest Control Service includes our guarantee and these steps:

  • Because your home is unique, every program begins with an inspection by a certified specialist to customize your service for your exact wishes.
  • To ensure protection for your property the initial service is composed of an interior spot treatment as well as a crack and crevice treatment in the kitchen area and bathrooms. We will also do the interior on subsequent treatments upon request for no added charge.
  • To keep unwanted pests from re-entering your property, every treatment comes with a power spray up to 9 feet around the exterior of your property. This also includes around all entry points into your home, such as windows and doors.
  • To further protect your home from pest infestation we put a granular barrier around your home up to 15 – 20 feet. In addition we check for ant mounds and mice.
  • Our exterior service includes removing all nests and webs from the home as well as the treatment of eaves to prevent the return of any wasps or other pests.
  • You’ll have access to our 24-Hour Emergency Contact Line (208-392-1556)

If you have been thinking about a pest control company, give us a call!  We would love to earn your business and prove our first class customer service!  (208)475-4440